Current Projects


Combining my love for music and its power to connect (with) people, I am working on various projects worldwide.

These are a few of my current involvements.


Beats Across Borders

Denmark & Canada

With previous projects in Tanzania, Philippines and Greenland, the Danish organization, Beats Across Borders, is building stronger communities by joining professional musicians with young hopefuls to create music in a supportive, fun environment.

By engaging local organizations and youth groups, Beats Across Borders develop each project to foster a sustained level of community engagement through productive musical activities.

The Beats Across Borders mission is to re-enable music by guiding young and untrained music talents through music production and storytelling workshops. 

At the moment we’re developing a concept aiming to launch a project in Canada’s indigenous communities!

Stay tuned for updates on the launch of this project in Canada!



Jingles – On Air


Communicating the research and benefits of the right sound, jingles and branding – a radio station rebranding project in Melbourne, Australia.

What’s the sound of Melbourne? What’s the sound of the new brand? How to communicate effectively with (new) listeners – now and in the future?

Stay tuned for more info – or tune in on Australian radio! 
Also, see my Danish research and tips on audio branding.



Therapeutic Power of Music

Africa, Turkey, Canada, etc.

Responsible for the Retention Programme for the affiliated Music Producers worldwide, communicating the progress and impact of Make Music Matter Inc. – a project helping rape victims in various parts of the world to recover from their traumas through music.

Counting in producers from Toronto, Canada to New Jersey, Las Vegas, Memphis, Chicago, Oakland, New York, USA and Wales, UK, including producers in South Africa, Egypt and Buenos Aires, etc., the interest and outreach of Make Music Matter is global.

First launched in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, with more sites in Africa, Eurasia and Canada opening as we speak.

Music is released in collaboration with Warner Music Canada.

Follow the organization on SoMe to stay updated on the launch of new sites worldwide!



I’m always looking for new exciting projects on connecting music and people! Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you!

– Heine Nielsen (Founder, Sound of Innovation)



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