Music Industry Development

Since 2009, I’ve been working in the music business. I kicked off in the Scandinavian music business in 2009 building a record label from scratch, growing artists and making international collaborations.

Releasing Lil Wayne in the Nordic territory, selling a platinum pop artist to Sony Music subsequently to reaching national TV, radio and press coverage has been some of the results.

Furthermore, after that adventure, I saw a gap in the market for DIY musicians and independent records labels. Hence, I invented an innovative Nordic radio promotion service called Fono Pro, which I sold off years later.

Always curious, with an experiential approach and inherent urge to develop, communicate and execute, I am a Danish entrepreneur with an international gaze working with brands and organizations worldwide – with an emphasis on Northern Europe and Canada.

On the academic side, I hold a Master of Arts in Musicology, specialized in sound branding – how music and sound communicate, build brands, and how they affect our memory and emotional state. As such, I give talks and lectures on sound branding and entrepreneurship communication my experience in the business and my academic findings. I have held this at Danish universities, at Canadian private companies, at Canada’s largest radio broadcast conglomerate, etc.

Thank you, Heine Nielsen, for amazing cultural heritage mediation.

Danish Cultural Heritage (

Moving to Canada in 2018, I got involved in the Canadian music industry. Here, I am building local festivals in the Greater Toronto Area responsible for all music curation, and developing artist development programs.

Furthermore, I am building and executing concepts working at an international NGO focusing on music therapy, and how to expand the organization’s, and its record label’s vision and impact globally by growing a base of volunteers and putting forth new, meaningful music.

Could this project be viewed as another indication that artists are finally being motivated to speak with a united voice on pressing social and political issues after a long period of apathy? Is this the evolution of an artistic revolution?

Canadian Artists Want You Too To Care About Sudan
FYI Music News (Aug 12, 2019)

Being able to draw awareness to human rights and minority groups around the world is a fundamental extremely important part and duty of my work.
Doing this via the power of music, and at a record label dedicated to minorities and human rights, is a perfect way of utilizing the forces and power of music – in a global music industry.

Heine Nielsen

Volunteering, too, is an important part of my world. Being able to build and impact your community with enthusiastic people, is extremely giving! As such, I have been highly immersed in the global TEDx community – as Head of Event at Denmark’s largest TEDx event in Aarhus, Denmark (an event counting 800 delegates). Here I applied my knowledge on sound branding and created a custom sound logo and music curated playlist for this event.

A few years later, living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I joined the local TEDx-team as Director of Delegate Experience in creating a coherent 2019 event – Canada’s largest TEDx event.

“Heine spoke about our tendency to think of only the “noisiest” moments as experiences. In the age of the experience economy, the loud, grandiose and spectacular moments are the ones to receive an acknowledgment. But part of the notion of rising together is appreciating the value that exists in every moment.”

Heine Nielsen, Director of Delegate Experience, TEDxToronto 2019
(Excerpt From Toronto-based digital agency Art & Science blog post “Rising Together: The Orpheum Travels to TEDxToronto 2019“)

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