Traction Strategy | Innovation (2018)

New Approach: Shopping Malls across Canada

In collaboration with the Canadian multi-award-winning innovation facilitation company, Traction Strategy, I was in charge of presenting the field of sound branding to a leading retail client that has shopping malls all across Canada. This, in order to inspire and renew its way of thinking about traditional branding.

Innovation Process @ Hack-a-thon in Toronto

At a hack-a-thon in Toronto in early 2018, all the client’s mall managers from across the country were gathered in order to ideate and innovate. The client’s shopping malls across Canada wanted to streamline their approach and branding to meet new criteria.

This called for an innovation hack-a-thon!

Part of the live illustrations captured at the hack-a-thon.

Using Sound Branding in Retail

My role in this was to present – in a video since being placed in Denmark at the time – the field and benefits of sound branding.

Along with two other speakers from Stockholm/Vancouver & Toronto, I was picked out to represent the field of sound branding in a global perspective in this innovation process facilitated by the Canadian based Traction Strategy.

Video screenshot

What are the research results and how can retail use sound branding effectively to increase brand value, get people to stay longer in the malls, and to get even more loyal customers?

I put together a custom video* addressing the client’s objectives and the global perspectives on the field. Furthermore, sound branding could work as a solution to a variety of the client’s objectives, i.e.:

  • Increase traffic and sales
  • Increase dwell time
  • Attract new customers
  • Build customer loyalty, etc.

Although the client had already started with sound branding at some sites, the client’s overall solutions and implementation process are still to be decided.

* The video acted as a part of the internal hack-a-thon innovation process – hence, unfortunately, it isn’t public.

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Interested in reading more about the benefits of sound branding? Please check out my LinkedIn article with key points from the hack-a-thon.

Also, please check out the amazing innovation facilitators, Shawna Eberle and Tamara Eberle, at Traction Strategy based in Toronto & Vancouver, Canada!

“We were really lucky to be able to include Heine’s insights and knowledge on sound branding in a recent Hack-the-Holiday’s event we led for a retail client.

Our goal is to help people think differently and creatively about their strategic opportunities. Because of Heine, we were able to shine a light on the importance of sound when it comes to creating experiences, influencing behaviour or building loyalty.

It was really interesting to get his unique perspective and it was a great addition to the creative thinking of the day.

Thank you, Heine!”

Tamara Eberle
Founder & Partner, Traction Strategy
Vancouver, BC / Toronto, ON