Inspiring audiences worldwide, challenging status quo, advocating for marginalized artists — in short: diversifying the world stage – that’s what I do!

Combining my entrepreneurial spirit with my love of music and its power to connect (with) people, I work with clients, artists and partners worldwide.

Sound of Innovation aka. Heine Nielsen Kofoed:

  • Working in the music business since 2009.
  • Curation, Artist relations and diversifying the stage and audience experience
  • Working with A list talent and agents worldwide
  • Working with Canadian NGOs focused on music and its impact
  • Founder of a record label and aggregator company in Scandinavia
  • Lecturer on sound branding and entrepreneurship
  • Master of Arts in Musicology (Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Danish/Canadian, living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I am always curious, with an experiential approach and inherent urge to develop, communicate and execute, I am a Danish entrepreneur with an international gaze working with brands and organizations worldwide – with an emphasis on Northern Europe and Canada.

Read more about my projects here, and feel free to connect!