Apollon Records | Strategy (2009)

Apollon Records – a new indie label in Scandinavia anno 2009. I was responsible for building this new record label from scratch which involved developing the strategy, finding artists, A&R, PR, and more in Northern Europe.

Building Label & Artists in North Europe

Counting a dozen artists – from pop and hip-hop to jazz – the Danish label, Apollon Records, released numerous singles, EPs and albums thereby achieving international exposure on various press channels (radio, TV, print and online). The main territory was Scandinavia and the Nordics.

Building both a radio promotion and a DJ promotion tool in Scandinavia, Apollon Records was instantly out with its new releases and able to promote them well. Through close contact with collaborative partners like radio, TV and DJs, Apollon would monitor its releases, achieving feedback on airplay and charts.

PULS  |  Platinum-selling pop group

PULS (PULSE in English) is a Danish pop group – a boyband. The group’s first single “Superstar” was released on Apollon Records in 2010. “Superstar” was featured on national TV and radio in several Nordic countries.

Subsequently, the band achieved great success, especially in the teenage segment, and was later sold off to a major label where it sold platinum.

International Collaborations | Lil Wayne

Showing great results in building the label and its artists, a Dutch label approached Apollon Records about Lil Wayne.

Collaborating with the Dutch label, Cloud 9, Apollon Records was in charge of releasing and promoting a Lil Wayne EP in the Nordic territory. The Danish music magazine, GAFFA, published an article about this collaboration (article below in Danish).

GAFFA Apollon Records LIl Wayne 2010


Having a 360 view of the label-artist relationship, soon Apollon Booking was launched in order to book concerts and tours for Apollon Records’ artists.

Apollon Records gained a news spot on Danish local TV about the establishment.

Additionally, Apollon Records established a collaboration with the Danish university, Aalborg University, to produce and release a CD accompanying the book “From Odd Fellow to East Park, Jazz in Aalborg 1920-1970” which focused on Danish jazz research.

“Heine is a very skilled and consistent person who truly loves and identify with his work. He is a happy, warm and honest person who you can trust in handling operations and personal relations. Heine inspires people around him and dares to be ambitious on their behalf.”

Morten Dybdal Møller (Founder, Apollon Records, Denmark)