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Music & Entrepreneurship

Why do we as musicians need to have an entrepreneurial mindset? Why is it not enough to have a jam session?

With theories on entrepreneurship and personal experiences, this lecture inspires us to think about our competencies (as musicians and academics) and how we can add value to the world.

Sound Branding & Jingles

“The world’s best call signal” – that is how the very first call signal from the Danish State Broadcasting Service was described around 1930.

In this lecture with a lot of audio examples, I present my research on the signature tunes and the Danish cultural heritage. I disclose the public service anno 1931, old radio magazines, quotes from the archives and old radio transmissions.

Also, the very high price of the first Danish call signal, and the PR and sound branding of the 1930s are disclosed!

The Effects of Music and Sound

How do you impact your customers, listeners or people in the public space? To make them feel good, to buy more, to crave Mexican food or Italian wine? Communicate subconsciously with the right sound and music…

Whether you have just started your own small boutique, or you have a large-scale brand dealing with different customers and cultures, or maybe you have a radio station or are making ads – music and sound communicate subconsciously and you can use it to your benefit.

Rooted in academic research results, I present how music and sound communicate and affect us via brain scans and other studies. How we can create effects by affecting.

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