Sonic Ark @ European Capital of Culture, Aarhus 2017 | PR (2017)

European Capital of Culture, Aarhus 2017

In co-operation with the Swiss sound artist, Andres Bosshard, I work on sounds for the almost 1 year long sound art installation “Sonic Ark, Cycle of the Ear” – a world premiere at the Aarhus 2017, European Capital of Culture.

SonicArk is sensuous, sensational, emotional, memorable and timeless. It is a unique and poetic work that will involve and move many people in a completely unique way. SonicArk will result from public recording sessions with many interactive performers in and around Aarhus.

The Sound(s) of Aarhus

The idea of the project is to find the sound of Aarhus, literally the sounds of Aarhus. We put focus on the fact that everyday sounds can actually be a gift and be like music. Furthermore, SonicArk wanted to attract people to the art installations and to raise awareness of the sounds surrounding us in the city.

“Listen to Aarhus – what do you hear?

Let’s all move our focus to the sounds around us – they can all in fact be musically and a pleasure to the ear. Aarhus has such a great vibe and I am amazed of the people here.

The SonicArk project is all about these sounds and how we relate to them and how we can coexist in a lot of different contexts trying to make everybody hear that we are all part of the sound of Aarhus.”

Andres Bosshard, SonicArk

PR Videos

The result was, on the one hand, to record sounds from Aarhus and doing interviews with the people of Aarhus, and on the other hand to develop a PR concept containing production of video teasers with a focus on social media. For the videos, we used the iconic traffic cones of Andres Bosshard asking people to listen to the city.

We communicated that everyday sounds in Aarhus are actually a gift – and in 2017 also an art installation! The campaign includes several exciting events in Aarhus, Denmark.

See the video teaser “SonicArk” inviting people to listen to Aarhus through the iconic traffic cone…

Sonic Ark

Armed with Andres Bosshard’s iconic orange traffic-cones participants from different age-groups and backgrounds are invited to dive into the sonic side of Aarhus to describe the kind of sounds they associate with the wonderful city.As a part of Bosshard’s Sonic Ark exhibition different sound installations have been placed around Aarhus. The next events in this lineup are ‘Murmermar – the fleet of Singing Choirs’ the 9th of June & ‘The Ear of the Future’ the 11th-13th august.We can’t wait to see you!(video credit: Heine Nielsen,

Slået op af SonicArk i Mandag den 22. maj 2017

…and the “HiddenAarhus” asking people about the sounds of Aarhus and their favourite place audio-wise – their Hidden Aarhus:


Have you ever listened to your city? #HiddenAarhus is a sound project by Andres Bosshard made to create focus on his newest art exhibition Sonic Ark. He describes Aarhus as a sonically sleeping beauty and invites us to listen to it. So turn off mute ? and step into the universe of Sonic Ark! What is your favourite #HiddenAarhus sound?Bosshard has made sound installations all over the city and they will culminate with events during 2017: ‘Murmermar – the fleet of Singing Choirs’ the 9th of June & ‘The Ear of the Future’ the 11th-13th august.(video credit: Heine Nielsen,

Slået op af SonicArk i Mandag den 22. maj 2017


Several medias made interviews with Andres as a result of the press releases and PR from Sound of Innovation. Among others, several (front page) articles in the Danish papers Jyllands Posten (also here) and Aarhus Stiftstidende. The Danish culture magazines Fine Spind and SNYK also wrote articles on the events.

Also articles from European Capital of Culture, including several shares on Facebook from organizations like Aarhus University, TEDxAarhus, Schweizer Musikpreis etc.

Regardless of this niche, the videos received more than 15.000 views on Facebook during the first couple of weeks.

The project ended with several large SonicArk compositions, live remixes and a ‘sonic bubble’ “Ear of the Future” event in Aarhus, Denmark, in late Summer of 2017.

See more

Read more about the project on the Aarhus 2017 website, the Urban Identity website or the Andres Bosshard’s website. See also SonicArk on Facebook.

“Heine has played a big role in the SonicArk project in Denmark. He has helped us communicate our vision and events, and his personal and professional contributions within sound branding and communication are outstanding! Heine has lively, inspiring and creative ideas and he is an amazing partner to work with!”

Andres Bosshard
Founder of  Sound City & SonicArk
Sound Artist, Timbre Architect, Master Class Lecturer & Docent,
Zürich, Switzerland